Mutual Agreement Procedure in Spanish

Mutual Agreement Procedure in Spanish: What You Need to Know

The Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) is a significant part of international tax law. It is designed to resolve disputes between two or more countries regarding the interpretation of their double tax treaties (DTTs). In Spain, the Mutual Agreement Procedure is referred to as Procedimiento amistoso en español, and it is crucial to understand the basics of the process.

What is the Mutual Agreement Procedure?

The Mutual Agreement Procedure is a mechanism that allows two or more countries to negotiate and resolve disputes arising from the interpretation or application of their tax treaties. The primary objective of MAP is to eliminate double taxation, reduce tax obstacles, and provide certainty and stability for taxpayers.

When can MAP be initiated?

MAP can be initiated when taxpayers perceive that their taxation rights have been violated, resulting in double taxation or taxation not in accordance with the provisions of the DTTs. The MAP process can be initiated by taxpayers or the competent authority (CA) of the contracting state of the taxpayer.

How does MAP work?

MAP is a diplomatic process, and it involves discussions between the competent authorities of the contracting states. Each country`s CA takes part in the process, reviewing the case and proposing solutions. The process usually starts with an audit of the taxpayer`s case by the CA of the country where the taxpayer is resident.

If an agreement is reached, both states will settle on the appropriate action plan to eliminate double taxation. If no agreement can be reached, the MAP may lead to arbitration.

What are the Benefits of MAP?

The benefits of MAP include:

• Avoiding or resolving double taxation: MAP ensures that taxpayers are not taxed twice on the same income or capital gain, and it provides certainty for cross-border transactions.

• Protecting taxpayers` rights: MAP provides an avenue for taxpayers to protect their rights and appeal against the application of tax laws in contravention of DTTs.

• Improving tax compliance: MAP contributes to a better understanding of tax treaties and promotes compliance with international tax rules.


Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) is an essential tool that provides a mechanism for resolving disputes between countries concerning the interpretation and application of their tax treaties. In Spain, the Mutual Agreement Procedure is referred to as Procedimiento amistoso en español, and it has many benefits for taxpayers, including the prevention and resolution of double taxation, protection of taxpayer rights and promotion of tax compliance. As a taxpayer, it is in your best interest to understand the MAP process and explore it when necessary.